Patient’s notes

LUPUS INITIATIVE KOLKATA is a voluntary organization formed in 2008 to support people suffering from LUPUS. The mission of the organization is to give mental strength to Lupus patients as well as their caregivers so that they can have a better life in society.

This organization is basically a non-government organization formed by eminent doctors who treat lupus patients with the utmost care. They perfectly understand the plight of the patients & their caregivers. This organization under the leadership of Dr. Alakendu Ghosh has published a patient education booklet in English & regional vernacular to educate the patient regarding this disease. This organization acts as a common platform for all Lupus activities including academic updates to caregivers and support all activities for the betterment of Lupus patients.

I am also a Lupus patient suffering for the last thirteen years, though I have seen many ups & downs of this disease still I believe that this disease can be kept under control with proper medicine & timely medical check-up. Though I have been recently associated with LIK, I have seen the relentless effort they take for the betterment of each & every lupus patient associated with it. I consider myself as s “Lupus Warrior” & I am proud to be a part of Lupus Initiative Kolkata.