Through the vision of some health care provider, the unfulfilled needs of the Lupus patients, especially young females, led to the conceptualization of Lupus Initiative Kolkata, a forum for the patient, by the patient, of the patient.

Initially only activities were in Lupus Day (10th May) with cultural programmes by the patient group along with scientific meeting leveraging different spectrum of diseases with their specialists. Currently, we organize ‘FUN DAY’ regularly through picnics involving patients in and around Kolkata. In January, LIK also organizes international scientific Lupus meeting with faculties from different national and international spheres.

LIK has already distributed over 500 ID cards to its enrolled Lupus patients who are being benefitted through investigations and necessary medicines at much subsidised rates.

LIK has also been organizing health camps for Lupus patients in different in different districts of West Bengal providing medical advises to patients. It has also been organizing medical educational meetings to the local physicians.