Misconception 1: Lupus is contagious

·         Reality : It is not contagious

Misconception 2: Lupus only occurs in women and not in men

·         Reality : Occurrence in women is more frequent and men do have Lupus.

Misconception 3: Only a butterfly rash is a sign of Lupus

·         Reality : No; but it is a characteristic presentation.

Misconception 4: Lupus patients cannot get pregnant

·         Reality : Absolutely wrong.

Misconception 5: Lupus patients are lazy

·         Reality : Absolutely wrong.

Misconception 6: Sun exposure should be avoided if the patients develop rash

·         Reality : Yes.

Misconception 7: Exercise if you have Lupus

·         Reality : Yes.

Misconception 8: Lupus is uncommon

·         Reality : Lupus is not so common.

Misconception 9: Only young struggle with Lupus

·         Reality : Lupus can occur at any age.

Misconception 10: A lupus diagnosis is almost always deadly

      ·     Reality : Absolute myth.