Pregnancy with lupus

Lupus per se is not contra indication for pregnancy.

But the pregnancy should be planned and regular visits to rheumatologists and gynaecologists are essential as a part of monitoring the disease activity so that appropriate measures can be taken at the right time.

The patient must be in a state of clinical remission or minimal disease activity.

All serological markers, specially Anti RO / LA antibodies and Anti phospholipid antibodies with Lupus anti coagulant and beta -2 glycoprotien antibodies must be done.

Effect of pregnancy on Lupus

Pregnancy causes flare up of Lupus activities and this should be appropriately dealt with.

Patient with Lupus have higher risk of pre term birth increased caesarean section small for gestational age babies along with still birth. Pre-eclampsia and Ecclampsia are more common in Lupus mothers than in general.

Babies may suffer from a disease known as a neo natal Lupus syndrome. This is characterised by skin rashes and sometimes heart-blocks which poses an emergency. Anti RO / LA antibodies are supposed predisposed to this condition.