Ex-Professor & Head, Department of Medicine, Calcutta Medical College
Member of the Global Advisory Committee (COVID-19), Govt. of West Bengal
Past President, Indian Rheumatology Association (IRA)
Past President, Association of Physicians of India (API)

LIK is an institution of the patients, by the patients, and for the patients.

The social scenario in Lupus a couple of decades back were pretty challenging. Only a few in the West had started organized efforts to fight against the ordeal of Lupus. It was an ardent necessity for someone, in the eastern part of the world, to rise, organize and consolidate the battle against Lupus. LIK rouse to the occasion and had been the placard bearer in educating clinicians, spreading awareness, and most importantly, empowering patients with Lupus. In its twelve years of journey, LIK has achieved many heights and has transformed the lives of thousands of Lupus patients. Being one of its kind in the entire world, LIK continues to remain committed to the vision with which it had laid its foundation stones and shall perpetuate the exemplary work in the times to come.