Patient’s notes

I strongly believe in the words of Sir Albert Einstein - “Only a life lived in service to others is worth living", and hence it gives me immense pleasure as I stand here today among all of you as a proud member of the Lupus Initiative Kolkata. Not much long ago, on 10th May 2017, I first became acquainted with this society on their annual program. Their activities and ideologies strongly attracted me since then. Two years ago I became one of its members, actively participating, and working towards the betterment of the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters who are victims of the deadly SLE disease.

In LIK we believe that even bringing a small change in someone's life for the better is an effort worth making. This is why we have been constantly working towards uplifting the lives of those affected by SLE by motivating them and boosting-up their morale. Being a patient of the disease myself I do understand the amount of physical and mental trauma one has to undergo while fighting against it and how tiresome that can be. Hence, all of us here, including me, are working each day to reduce the emotional exertion, if not the physical one, to some extent. We do so by sharing the pains of the patients fighting the battle and being a source of moral support, providing them free medications or sometimes discounted ones, and organizing picnics and various functions like seminars related to the physical and mental well-being of the patients. Our annual function on 14thDec 2019, provided them with a temporary joyous escape from their ailing lives. I consider myself fortunate enough to be a part of these acts of servitude and to be able to bring a little bit of happiness to some of the precious lives that I came across here at LIK. I would like to thank each and everyone present here today for giving me this golden opportunity to be a part of LIK and I would consider my life worthy and successful if in my journey in LIK I have been able to be a source of happiness even for a single affected one. This society and all its members have been no less than my family and being able to come here and serve people is one of the greatest joys of my life. Thank you all once again and I hope that I continue being a part of LIK and be able to serve in the coming years too.