Managing Lupus

Anything more that I should know?

Keep out of the sun : use a sun-blocking cream, factor 25 or greater.
Contraception : you should use contraceptive pills that contain only progesterone or low-dose estrogen, or consider physical/barrier methods of contraception. Your treating doctor might help.
Infections : If you have lupus, and especially if you are on immunosuppressive drugs, then you will be more prone to infection. Take sensible precautions and avoid contact with family and friends who are known to have infectious diseases like tuberculosis, chickenpox etc.
Vaccinations : Check with your doctor if you might need vaccinations.
Stress : Stress will make your illness seem worse even if it doesn’t affect the course of the disease. Learn how to manage any stress in your life.
Fatigue : Tiredness can be a significant problem – specific causes of fatigue, such as anemia or an underactive thyroid gland, can be identified by a blood test and treated.